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9 Nail Care Tips You Need to Know About

Your nails getting you down during? You don't have to suffer anymore. Follow these 9 nail care tips and start taking those morning coffee selfies again or just show off your perfect manicure. 

  1. Keep hands and nails moisturised! 

  2. Do not pick cuticles. We Repeat, DO NOT pick cuticles no matter how tempting!!! 

  3. Eat vitamins and protein-rich food. 

  4. Protect and strengthen your nails by applying a nail strengthening treatment or base coat onto your nails.

  5. Apply cuticle oil to keep them your cuticles soft, moisturised and healthy.

  6. When in the shower, push back your cuticles, as the skin will be soft.

  7. To exfoliate your hands, take a bit of sugar and mix with slightly warmed olive oil. Wash your hands with the mixture  and  moisturise your hands afterwards with your favourite hand / body lotion.

  8. DO NOT bite your nails, rather use a nail file or cutter to shorten nails.

  9. When removing your own gel, please DO NOT  tear the gel off. Rather cover your nails with acetone soaked cotton wool, wrapped in tin foil for 15min and gently remove once you see that it starts to lift, and then gently buff the residue off.

Stay tuned for more beauty and nail care tips. Remember beauty starts within. We cannot stress the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Eating healthy and drinking that H2O means your body has the nutrients it needs to shine at its best, grow strong nails, lush and shiny hair, you know what we mean. And there is no better time to start eating those leafy greens than now. 

Healthy body, healthy mind, beautiful YOU!


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