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Hair Care Tips From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Try these 5 simple hair care tips and look like you just walked out of the salon from the comfort of your own home. Just because you are stuck at home does not mean you can not have amazing curls. Also, we know you have some free time on your hands and let’s be honest you have binged everything decent on Netflix anyway. So why not have some fun and have lushes looking hair in the process? You also have an excuse to take a new selfie for your Instagram and Snapchat with your new hairdo. So let us begin…

My top 5 hair tips are:

1. Use olive or coconut oil before or after you shampoo & condition your hair replenishes the oil that is stripped when shampooing.

2. Use a detangling leave - in balm to continuously condition & moisturise the hair.

3. Avoid using heated tools if at all possible. Rather allow hair to dry naturally & to stay in its natural state.

4. Braid or plait hair before bed to avoid knots & tangles in the morning!

5. Do a mask once a week to deeply nourish & repair your hair. Wear a plastic shower cap to add some heat, which will allow the mask to penetrate even deeper into the hairs cuticle layer.

Remember just like each person has their own unique brand to who they are so too is your hair. We all know that our hair takes on a personality of its own. Get to know and love your hair and love it accordingly. What do we mean by this? If you have beautiful full bouncy curls then embrace every swirl and treat your hair accordingly, does it need more moisture ect.

We love hearing from you, drop us a message or let us know on FaceBook or Twitter which hair care tip you found worked the best or do you have a secret tip to luscious hair? Share, give us a like and let us know.


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